Thermal power plants and heavy industries generate harmful flue gas emissions through the production process. Passage of flue gases through electrostatic precipitators reduces pollution by separating and depositing harmful gas particles on the deposition electrodes. The Swedish company Kraftpowercon is a premium brand of electrostatic precipitators power supply in the form of high voltage transformer rectifiers.

With tradition and experience since 1955 in this part of the business, Kraftpowercon is a world leader in the production of single-phase, three-phase and high-frequency transformer rectifiers. Kraftpowercon provides complete solutions for new precipitators together with retrofit designs and optimization of existing precipitator plants. The complete product range and technical specifications can be found here.

Kraftpowercon has a significant number of references in this part of Europe as coal production of electric energy is dominant. As the new EU standard limited the emission level to 50 ppm, the interest in retrofitting the existing electrostatic precipitator solutions in the area of power and control has become actual. Kraftpowercon has an active approach to this problem, so it offers suggestions to existing and potential customers and provides trial periods.

Navitas and Kraftpowercon co-operate in the territories of Serbia, Balkan region and international projects to guarantee the best possible user experience starting from prompt and clear sales and technical support all the way after post-warranty support.