MDR d.o.o. is a Slovenian company that designs and manufactures industrial detectors and metal separators for all types of industries for detecting and removing metal pieces from raw materials or finished products. Due to its rich experience MDR offers the service of development and production of complete solutions of metal detecting and separating devices on production lines according to the specific need and technical requirements of users.

With tradition and experience since 1991, MDR offers solutions in the mining, timber, construction, and textile industries, but also for the needs of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries where the HACCP standard is applied. In addition to ferromagnetic, MDR has developed non-magnetic material detectors and separators capable of detecting and removing very small pieces of unwanted material. The complete product range and technical specifications can be found here.

Navitas and MDR are partners in Serbian market for heavy industry clients, where through joint efforts we guarantee the best possible user experience. Our services starts with quick and clear sales and technical support, then design and installation, all the way to service and support during the warranty and post-warranty period.